Martin Baeuerle

About Me

As an exceptionally enthusiastic, assertive, honest, trustworthy, efficient, passionate and hard working professional in the people business industry, with an extensive background in


  • Business administration and operation
  • Auditing and quality managment
  • Classification and certification
  • Employee engagement and learning & development
  • Sustainability solutions


I have a proven track record of over 16+ years expertise in hospitality industry, sport events and business adminsitration, that helps me support my clients as a hospitality specialist to reach their goals.

Detailed information about my professional career and my achievements can be found in the sub-menu.


Mobile QA: +974 3050 8797

Mobile DE: +49 152 3357 9962 

Fax:  +49 321 2622 0785


Skype: martin.baeuerle85

Twitter:  @MartinBaeuerle

P.O. Box 21032

Doha, Qatar